Jorge Gandini seeks for the National Party to have a Wilsonian presidential candidate

Jorge Gandini seeks for the National Party to have a Wilsonian presidential candidate
September 10, 2023 – 16:25

The nationalist senator assured that Álvaro Delgado and Laura Raffo belong to “the same party group”, and that there is no balance.

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The senator Jorge Gandini stated his intention that the National Party (P.N.) have a Wilsonian candidate facing the 2024 internal elections.

The nationalist legislator recently assured the press that both the Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgadolike the economist Laura Raffoare two pre-candidates who belong to “the same party group”, without there being a balance within the PN.

“It is necessary that the PN have wilsonism-herrerism dichotomyas it always had,” said the white senator. “I think it’s excellent (the existence of the other two candidates), but we cannot be ignored, accommodating the body with the party majority, and not represent what we are,” he shot.

Gandini, assured that within his sector, For my countryare “destined to create a space that represents Wilsonism within the party, which today has no candidate.”

Political parties began to experience the pre-election race

“We are beginning the pre-election stage, which will surely end this year closed with the pre-candidacies closed in all political parties,” Gandini remarked.

The PN member had already expressed in the middle of the year that he began consultations within his sector to find out if his pre-candidacy was considered relevant by his colleagues.

Regarding this, he assured that in the next internal congress, dated October 10, it will be resolved whether or not Por la Patria has its own candidacy, and it will be clarified who that person could be.

“If we are going to compete, we are going to do it with a candidacy that comes from the bottom, or comes from below, or there is none. Comrades from all over the country are processing their decision on the matter,” he slipped.

Likewise, he insisted that “everything is being aligned so that Por la Patria has its own candidate, but it will be formally resolved at that congress on October 10.”

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