Amstetten: Great interest in them “Construction site safaris”

Amstetten: Great interest in them “Construction site safaris”
“Construction site safaris”: The Amstettner center is becoming new.
Image: municipality

In Amstetten the pavement is made for one “Forest” dug up in the main square. The roots that the trees put down form a sponge underground that will cool the city during heat waves. Not only have delegations from other cities visited the model project in times of climate change, employees of the municipality also attended the first one “Construction site safari” informed about the redesign.

“Which trees will be planted? How does the sponge work? We were asked a number of interesting questions”says Deputy Mayor Markus Brandstetter (VP), who leads the tours. The next construction site safaris are already on the calendar, everyone should have the opportunity to get first-hand information. The next public tours will take place on September 18th and October 23rd (registration: [email protected]).

SP criticized “expensive project”

As the renovation of the main square progresses, the SP’s concerns are growing. The fact that in addition to eight million euros now also costs 470,000 euros for a new well is too much of a good thing. “The debt level will rise to 100 million euros by 2027″says SP parliamentary group leader Helfried Blutsch.

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