Billion dollar deal collapsed: Boehringer does not invest in Lower Austria

Billion dollar deal collapsed: Boehringer does not invest in Lower Austria
ABD0052_20151215 – ARCHIVE – The image combo shows the logos of the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim (above, photo from May 7, 2012 in Ingelheim) and the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi (photo from December 25, 2012 in Paris). Photos: Fredrik von Erichsen/Yoan Valat/epa (to dpa: “Sanofi and Boehringer are facing a billion-dollar exchange deal” from December 15, 2015) +++(c) dpa – Bildfunk+++
Image: Von Erichsen;Valat (dpa)

On Tuesday, the company pointed out that the expected future need for production capacity in biopharmaceuticals would be covered by the existing locations. An investment of 1.2 billion euros was planned. The operation should have started in 2026 and brought 800 jobs.

The product pipeline requires “clear focus and prioritization,” said a company statement. The aim is to bring around 25 new active ingredients to market by 2030. “Their production will also require the introduction of new manufacturing technologies. In contrast, the expected future need for production capacities in biopharmaceuticals – not least through the recently commissioned cell culture facility in Vienna – is covered by the existing production facilities,” it said.

Matthias Sturm, spokesman for Boehringer Ingelheim RCV, told APA that the Bruck an der Leitha project was still in the planning phase. The product pipeline shifted during an evaluation process. A replacement project is currently not planned. Despite the present decision, a “commitment to Austria as a location” was reaffirmed. Over the past ten years, Boehringer Ingelheim has invested more than one billion euros in site expansion, and the opening of a new cancer research building is planned for 2024.

Political reactions

Mikl-Leitner wrote in a broadcast that the Biotech Campus Hainburg was still being held. “The biotech companies based in the region, such as Takeda and Pfizer, have a great need for skilled workers in the field of biotechnology. We are therefore continuing to invest in the campus and are implementing the planned technical college course and the new high school.”

Mayor Weil said he was “extremely disappointed with the company’s decision.” After all, preparatory work has already been done.

Provincial Councilor Sven Hergovich, regional party leader of the SPÖ, described the company’s decision as “a catastrophe for Lower Austria as a business location.” “All parties and social partners need to join forces in order to secure a quick and, if possible, equivalent alternative investment for the region and thus jobs,” he demanded.

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