Ancap did not receive offers for the opening of the Portland business to private individuals

Ancap did not receive offers for the opening of the Portland business to private individuals
September 12, 2023 – 15:27

The state company had indicated that there were “many interested parties,” but in the end no proposal materialized.

The directory of Ancap reported that it did not receive offers within the framework of opening the business of the portland, by declaring void the tender that closed this afternoon, after an extensive process in which there was no shortage of tensions with the union.

Director of Ancap, Richard Charamelo, hours ago he acknowledged to Subrayado that there were “a significant number of interested parties,” although he warned that finding a partner “is not easy in this international situation” and taking into account the requirements that the state firm raised in the specifications, “betting on maintaining the personnel and control of the deposits.”

A month ago, the minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Omar Paganini, He warned that the Portland business was losing millions of dollars 20 years ago. According to the leader, the figures amount to more than 760 million dollars, accounting for 433 million in operating losses and 328 million for the loss in value of the investments made.

“Money has been lost for more than 20 years. All kinds of things were tried and they didn’t work. He Uruguayan market is not enough to develop the business in a viable way,” he pointed out. Paganini at that time, something that seems to be ratified by the null offers received today.

The conflict with the union, another of the conditions

From the Ancap Federation (Fancap) carried out several forceful measures in the last four months to reject the association with private parties in the business of portland, considering that it is “a very bad business for Uruguay”.

From Fancap they warn that the initiative is a step towards privatization of the resources of the state oil company and represents a risk for existing jobs, which is why they carried out different measures that even generate complications in the technical stoppage at the refinery. The Tile.

Given this panorama, the president of Ancap, Alejandro Stipanicic, warned that the union’s request is “a kind of extortion” and considered it “inadmissible,” specifying that maintenance is an operational issue and one linked to the portland It’s a business decision.

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