“Moon phase surgery doesn’t pay”

“Moon phase surgery doesn’t pay”
According to the study, the moon has no influence on the success of the operation.
Image: Igor Zhuravlov

“Commute”aligning your life with the phases of the moon or avoiding making decisions on Friday the 13th of a month – that’s what happens to some people “hip, trendy, popular”. Innsbruck scientists have now discovered that none of this makes any difference to the success of an operation for an artificial knee joint.

“We retrieved data from all patients from the Tyrolean archive for knee joint replacements who were operated on between 2003 and 2019”, explained the scientists in their current publication. There were a total of 5923 patients.

The timing of the interventions was divided according to the four phases of the moon – new moon, waxing moon, full moon, waning moon. There was also an evaluation after Friday, the 13th of a month. The average age of the patients was 69 years, 62 percent were women.

Not a bad omen

Conclusion: No matter what day the operation was performed, the results remained roughly the same. The scientists: “There were no significant differences regarding the operation without the need for subsequent correction (revision; note) for the four moon phases.” According to the Innsbruck scientists, the results of this study should in any case reassure patients of such procedures that a “bad omen”, moon phases or the like would have no demonstrable influence on the objectively determined result of operations for an artificial knee joint. This is independent of the pain problem before the procedure, the Tyrolean doctors wrote in their study entitled “Moonlight Surgery: No influence of moon phases or Friday the 13th on the results of total knee replacement”.

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