China announces all-weather strategic partnership with Venezuela

China announces all-weather strategic partnership with Venezuela

He Chinese President Xi Jinpingannounced this Wednesday a “strategic partnership for all times” between the Asian country and Venezuela, after one meeting in Beijing with his pair Nicolás Maduro.

The Chinese president made the announcement through images broadcast on state television and replicated by the AFP news agency: “I am very happy to announce with you the elevation of relations between China and Venezuela to a level of strategic partnership for all times“.

“As always, (China) will firmly support Venezuela’s efforts to safeguard national sovereigntynational dignity and social stability, and will firmly support Venezuela’s just cause of opposing foreign interference,” he added.

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Support for Venezuela’s entry into the BRICS

Strengthening the bilateral relationship between China and Venezuela It has a main motivation: the possible entry of Venezuela to the BRICSmade up of (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and which recently announced the incorporation of Argentina, among other countries.

This was confirmed by the Venezuelan president before the Chinese state news agency. Xinhua: “We could classify the expanded Brics group as the great engine for acceleration of the process of birth of a new world, of a world of cooperation where the Global South has the primary voice.

Ripe He started his trip last Friday in Shenzhen, arrived in Beijing yesterday and was received with his delegation at the People’s Palacethe monumental building next to Tiananmen Square where foreign dignitaries are usually accommodated.

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The close relationship between China and Venezuela

The governments of China and Venezuela maintain a close relationship since he asian country It’s one of the main creditors of Maduro’s country and, in addition, they have different treaties that aim to reinforce the bilateral trade: A month before his trip, the Venezuelan president had signed the decrees activating four Special Economic Zoneslocated in different strategic regions of the country, in order to advance the construction of a new post-oil model.

The Venezuelan vice president, Delcy Rodríguezhad traveled to Shanghai and Beijing last week, where he met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yito obtain new investments in the oil sector and discuss possible joint ventures between companies from the two countries.

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