Martín Lema puts the focus on social policies so that no one is left behind

Martín Lema puts the focus on social policies so that no one is left behind

He Minister of Social Development, Martín Lema, He began his speech at the traditional lunch of the Association of Marketing Leaders (ADM), citing what he defined as the strategy of “a new Mides”, with a series of changes so that “no one is left behind.”

The leader made reference to greater transfers, where he exemplified that social investment increased by 3% from 2019 to 2021 and announced that at the end of February 2024 a new reference center for vulnerable people will open in the area of Casavalle.

The prison situation and the role of the Ministry of Social Development on the subject was another theme present in the speech of Motto. The leader is concerned about the numbers of people who leave the prison system and end up homeless.

Prison population, freedom and rehabilitation

“We have to change the logic of National Rehabilitation Institute (INR) and in the next period it should stop being in the orbit of the Ministry of Interior to move to a Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and the restructuring of another ministry,” he stated. Motto, while he highlighted: “We have talked about it a lot with Alvaro Delgado, “The work done inside prisons is a fundamental pillar in the country’s security.”

“53% of people who are in an open situation declared having been deprived of liberty and half were deprived of liberty up to three times,” the minister reported, according to official figures managed by that Secretariat of State.

Motto He considered that it is necessary to “reflect” on the concept of freedom: “Sometimes a person recovers physical freedom, but does not recover full freedom. Sometimes a person, as ironic as it may sound, is freer inside the INR than outside.”

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The mental health of young people

The mental health and especially among young people, it appeared as another concern in the speech. On this issue, Motto used official figures again and among a number of young people surveyed in 2013, 10.8% presented problems with depression or sadness, while in 2018 the figure was 15.1% and in 2022 it rose to 23.4 %.

It was in this context that he announced that through National Youth Institute Seven mental health promotion centers will be created that will reach 35,700 young people throughout the country. Three centers will be in the metropolitan area and four in other departments in the interior of the country.

In terms of disability, Motto reported that in 2024 the first state reference center for adults who have some type of disability will be created. “This is a demand that has been made by civil society on a permanent basis. In terms of guidance, people who find themselves in those circumstances, when they knock on different doors, the direction and guidance that is provided is not clear,” he expressed.

Finally, the Minister of Social Development announced that he will leave office “certainly” between March and April 2024 to dedicate himself to the electoral campaign, which he considered incompatible with government management.

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