Carolina Cosse grew in voting intention and approached Yamandú Orsi within the Broad Front

Carolina Cosse grew in voting intention and approached Yamandú Orsi within the Broad Front

The mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cossegrew in voting intention and approached the mayor of cannelloni, Yamandu Orsi facing the internal elections of the Wide Front (FA) in 2024.

Both departmental heads appear as the favorites among Frente Amplista voters and together they gather 82% of the sympathies as pre-candidates for President of the Republic, according to a survey by Opción Consultores.

cosse Voting intention grew by 4% in August, going from 35% to 39%, if the previous survey carried out by the consulting firm for the month of May is taken as a reference. Thus, the capital leader closed the gap with Orsi and he came to be 4 percentage points behind the Canarian pre-candidate, who maintains 43% of internal adhesions.

Contrary to cossethe mayor of Canelones fell 6 percentage points in voting intention, going from 49% to the current 43%.

The rest of the candidates who also seem to be entering the race are Senator Mario Bergaraand the mayor of Leap, Andres Lima, who gather 6% and 2% of party preferences, respectively. On the other hand, 10% of those surveyed simply said that they would not vote for any of the previous four potential candidates, or that they had not yet decided on their vote.

Álvaro Delgado leads the preferences within the National Party

As for the National Party (P.N.), the situation seems more comfortable, since the Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgadoseems to comfortably lead internal preferences, according to the data recorded by the consulting firm.

Although Delgado fell 7% compared to May, going from 56% to the current 49%, she maintains a wide margin compared to her closest competitor, the economist Laura Raffowho increased one percentage point since the launch of his new Sumar space, going from 18% to 19%.

The rest of the internal sympathies in the traditional party are distributed between the senator Juan Sartori, with 10%; the acting president, Beatriz Argimon, with 9%; the senator Jorge Gandini with 4%; and the minister of National defense, Javier Garcia, with 3%. The undecided totaled 6% of the white electorate.

Source: Ambito

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