Mühlviertler noodles, eggs and impulses for agricultural policy

Mühlviertler noodles, eggs and impulses for agricultural policy
Vbgm. Franz Lumetsberger, LKR Matthias Raab, LK Vice President Rosemarie Ferstl, BB chairman Königswiesen Waltraud Obereder, BB district chairman BBKO Martin Moser, state secretary Claudia Plakolm, local farmer Sabine Obereder, Sonja and Leopold Holzmann, district farmer BR Johanna Miesenberger, local farmer chairman Johann Hüttmannsberger
Image: Farmers’ Association Upper Austria

The content of the “Summer Talk on the Farm”, to which the Freistadt Farmers’ Association invited district chairman Mayor Martin Moser and Federal Councilor LKR Johanna Miesenberger, ranged from inheritance tax to expensive operating resources and sustainable food presentation. The location for the discussions with farmers’ union officials was Sonja and Leopold Holzmann’s farm in Königwiesen. It is part of the tradition of the Freistadt Farmers’ Association – the summer conversation on the farm. This year we were guests in Königswiesen, where the Holzmann family produces eggs and pasta. The chickens that live here grow up on the farm from their first day of life. “We sell eggs and only use our own freshly cracked eggs to make pasta. We are particularly proud that our pasta is the only one in Austria to have been awarded the AMA seal of quality. In addition, all of the electricity and heat required is generated on site,” explained Operations manager Leopold Holzmann gives the officials a tour of the farm.

The guest of honor at the summer talks was Youth State Secretary Claudia Plakolm. She took a stand for the motivation of her generation: “Our youth are great and well-educated. They will therefore continue to meet the requirements of modern working life and society in the future. I am convinced of that.”

Of course, as in other areas, the framework conditions for the young generation would have to be constantly adapted. Plakolm: “This also includes revising the lending guidelines for everyone who wants to buy their own home.” Plakolm also underlined her rejection of all initiatives to reintroduce an inheritance tax.

The Vice President of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Agriculture, Rosemarie Ferstl, who was sworn in in June this year, focused her lecture on current topics in agricultural policy. Accordingly, the peasantry is struggling with high costs for inputs and energy. Many regulations relating to agriculture have their origins in the European Union: “Agricultural law is a law that has been communitized at the European level. Therefore, representation at the EU level by representatives of the farmers’ association is particularly important.” The Farmers’ Association, as the largest agricultural policy advocacy group in Austria, stands for common-sense politics. We firmly reject an unworldly, purely ideology-based agricultural policy.

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