most of the victims could have been avoided after Cyclone Daniel

most of the victims could have been avoided after Cyclone Daniel
September 14, 2023 – 11:32

There are thousands of missing and displaced people in the coastal city of Derna, which is the worst affected so far.


He international effort for provide aid to Libya after the devastating floodswhich left almost 4 thousand dead and thousands missing and injured in the tragedy of Storm Daniel, continues this Thursday. The majority of victims in the east of Libyacould have been avoided“if they early warning systems and emergency management they would have worked correctlyassured today the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Alerts could have been issued and emergency management forces could have carried out the evacuation of the population, and we could have avoided most of the casualties“he declared Petteri Taalashead of the WMO.

Military aircraft and ships from countries of Middle East and Europe They are heading towards the North African country to provide emergency assistance.

The consequences of floods The sudden shocks that hit Libya last Sunday following Storm Daniel are devastating. In addition to the loss of life and the many people missing, tens of thousands were forced to abandon their homes, especially in the Mediterranean coastal town of Dernaone of the most affected.



Taalas stressed thatin the absence of accurate weather forecasts and the poor dissemination and performance in the face of early warnings they played a significant role in the magnitude of this tragedy. In addition, he noted that due to the prolonged internal conflict that has shaken the country for years, Libya’s meteorological observation network “suffered serious damage.”

Floods came and proper evacuation could not be carried out due to the absence of effective early warning systemss,” Taalas added.

The death toll could continue to rise

In the city of Derna, one of the most affected by the floods, the number of deaths could “increase up to 20 mil”as warned by the mayor of the town Abdulmenam al Gaiziin the midst of the search work for thousands of people missing after being washed away by floods.

The mayor explained that These numbers arise from the great damage registered by the destruction of 25% of the townand said that the interruption of communications is making search and rescue tasks difficult.

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