They presented the levitating train, considered the fastest in the world

They presented the levitating train, considered the fastest in the world

China continues to evolve in terms of transportation and this was evident thanks to the presentation of the fastest train in the world.

The first test of this enormous formation in the asian giant became a reality and left everyone present stunned by its magnitude and speed achieved.

The CR450, this train recently presented by China State Railway Group (CSRG) that reaches 453km/h, It was a complete success during its first day of testing.

As noted by the Global Times, the test was carried out with a trip from Fuqing to Qianzhou, all in Fujianprovince east of China. But that was not all, tests were also carried out on a bridge in the meizhou bay and in a tunnel Haiwei.

“This achievement marks an important milestone in the development of this high-speed train, laying a solid foundation for the implementation of the CR450 Technological Innovation Project″highlighted from the company.

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Likewise, they specified that there is still “no specific date for its presentation,” and that the name that is gaining the most strength to call it is “The Levitating Train” for its speed and spectacular conditions.

Regarding the investment to build this monstrous project, the Chinese company revealed that there was a strong economic injection in the local railway sector, estimating around US$51.6 billion.

But it was not only in trainsbut there were also investments and restructurings in bridges, tunnels, new sections and improvements to railways.

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