Antel invested US$270 million to improve connectivity in the interior

Antel invested US$270 million to improve connectivity in the interior

Antel has inverted 270 million dollars in telecommunications in the interior departments of Uruguay during the current government period, to improve connectivity in all corners of the country.

This is what he announced Gabriel Gurmendez, president of the state telephone company, at the stand that Antel has on the premises of the Expo Prado 2023. “Technology brings the world and people closer, but in the Uruguay had citizens who were not first classwho were isolated,” said the leader, and highlighted that the current administration worked to reverse this scenario and equalize the conditions of access and connectivity for all Uruguayans.

Gurméndez also highlighted three aspects that characterize the work of the current board of directors. Antel: competitiveness, the redemption of accounts within the country and the social sensitivity of the state company. “We brought the technology and the modernity, we invest and lower the telecommunications price in gigabytes four times less since we assumed the presidency,” he indicated.

In this framework, the leader placed special emphasis on the work to “correct the lag in the equity of the arrival of the public service to the interior of the country”, an initiative in which Antel has inverted 270 million dollars in three years for the deployment of telecommunications, mobile and fixed networks in the interior departments. In total, they have already incorporated into the network to about 170 locationsvillages, towns and cities that “accessed internet services with a copper cable, without fiber optics,” Gurméndez added.

Likewise, he highlighted that, in 2023 alone, some 180,000 homes in the interior of the country migrated to the fiber optic system, which was considered as access to the service with equity, a fundamental aspect of what a public company should be, according to the leader. In addition, 110,000 points of the territory were intervened to improve capacity and 173 sites where there was no connection were incorporated.

The 5G network continues its deployment throughout the country

Meanwhile, Antel continues to extend and activate the 5G network throughout the country, in what is considered a milestone in telecommunications in Uruguay.

“We are talking about life itself, about the future, that we have this first world that already exists here in Uruguay”, Gurméndez said during his speech at the launch event for this technology, which took place at the end of last June: “something that will allow us to work better, and export our talent” and “that the young people of the Uruguay can find their destiny here and not have to go look for it elsewhere,” he concluded.

With the launch and subsequent extension of the network, Antel became the first company to offer this service in the country, which is now available in Montevideo, Canelones, Colonia, Maldonado, Flowers, Río Negro, Artigas and Paysandu.

The investment for this technology starts from a base of 28,075 million dollars, which is the amount committed by the state company for the acquisition of the block in the network auctioned in May by the national government; but this year there are almost 15 million dollars planned in investment to expand the system.

Likewise, the future investment of Antel In mobile technology it will be mainly oriented to 5G issues, for the growth and development of this network throughout the country.

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