The PIT-CNT delivered the ballot for the plebiscite and accused the AFAP of expropriating funds

The PIT-CNT delivered the ballot for the plebiscite and accused the AFAP of expropriating funds
September 14, 2023 – 19:17

When presenting the initiative against the social security reform, Marcelo Abdala attacked the government.

He PIT-CNT presented before the Electoral Court the plebiscite ballot against social security reform and defended himself against the criticism of the AFAP by pointing out that this system “expropriated” the funds of the Uruguayan workers.

This was stated by the president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala, who considered that “it is natural” that the government is against his initiative, which proposes the end of the AFAP, maintain the retirement age at 60 years and prioritize minimum retirement and pension amounts, something that could cost the State up to 22 billion dollars, specialists warned.

In arguing in favor of the plebiscite, Abdullah stated in a press conference that there were “two major expropriations” on this issue and expanded: “The first was one of the AFAP, that forced people into forced savings that are not freely available to workers.”

Secondly, he pointed out social security reform. Law 20,130 placed the entire weight of the adjustment on the working population, organizing a transfer of around 2,000 million dollars, from labor to capital,” said the unionist.

It is worth remembering that in the document the PIT-CNT suggests that the AFAP They must complete their activities within a maximum period of two years, a period “counted from the entry into force of this reform.”

The PIT-CNT added the support of AEBU to collect signatures

In the last hours, the Association of Bankers of Uruguay (AEBU) reported that it will abide by the resolution of the PIT-CNT and will collaborate in collecting signatures for the plebiscite.

Although the AEBU had rejected the appeal proposed by the Association of Social Security Workers (ATSS) in the Representative Tablethe union determined that it will accompany the measure of the union center in view of the next elections.

The general secretary of AEBU, Fernando Gambera, He admitted that the task will be difficult. “It is not easy, nothing is easy when it is difficult to place on the agenda and public conversation, and in the interest of the people, the issues that are not the main ones that we all know that people are most concerned about,” said Gambera in dialogue with Underlined.

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