The Central Railway stands as a pioneer of environmental leadership, highlights from UPM

The Central Railway stands as a pioneer of environmental leadership, highlights from UPM
September 14, 2023 – 20:46

The company assessed the scope of the project, which will be ready by April 2024, during a visit by German authorities.

He Central Railway “stands as a pioneer of modal change and environmental leadership,” they highlighted from UPM, during a visit by government authorities Germany to the port terminal of the firm cellulose in Montevideo.

The project, whose start-up is scheduled for April next year, after some delays, will travel 273 kilometers and transport more than 2 million tons annually, becoming a permanent engine for the country’s economy and labor market.

As part of the visit to Uruguay of the deputy minister of the German Federal Foreign Office, Tobias Lindner executives of the world’s leading railway operator, DB International Operations, They supervised the work and stated that the first locomotives and wagons have already arrived, so tests and commissioning are being carried out.

Niko Warbanoff CEO of the company that will operate and maintain the trains for the operations of UPM, considered that “this ambitious project stands as a pioneer of modal change and environmental leadership.”

“Efficient transportation and a greener future”

For Warbanoff, he Central Railway “marks the beginning of an era of efficient transportation” and valued its scope, since he assured that “it promises to boost the economy and the labor market of Uruguay”, while laying the foundation for “a path towards a greener and more sustainable future.”

Elaborating on his position, the businessman highlighted that, by moving more than 2 million tons annually by rail, “it will reduce congestion on the routes and contribute to the country’s global climate objectives.”

To its turn, Gonzalo Giambruno, Director of Industrial Logistics UPM Uruguay, He highlighted “the great enthusiasm of the Uruguayan team regarding the imminent launch of the railway operation.”

“We are comforted by working with top-level international companies that will strengthen the country’s multimodal logistics by providing experience and proven technology from the railway industry,” he said. Giambruno.

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