Doctor, I have a nodule on my bald head. Is it dangerous?

Doctor, I have a nodule on my bald head.  Is it dangerous?
Regular inspection of rough skin areas
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As is well known, the skin never forgets a ray and over the years the skin is damaged so much that preliminary stages of white skin cancer often develop over a large area. In this case one speaks of solar keratoses. The small, dry, often reddish, adherent scales feel rough when you stroke them.

Over the years, clearly palpable nodules can develop in this so-called “field cancerization”, which correspond to a manifest white skin cancer. People often try to restore the original smoothness with fatty ointments. However, this only wastes time because the underlying damage cannot be influenced.

The hard lump that you have discovered most likely corresponds to a manifest white skin cancer (spinal carcinoma), which fortunately almost always begins to spread late. However, you should urgently see your dermatologist now. This will most certainly be able to treat the cancer in a timely manner. From liquid nitrogen to creams that stimulate your own immune system or surgery, he will choose the right course of action to help.

Of course, it makes sense to see a dermatologist as soon as you notice the roughness and not wait until nodules develop. Because in an early stage you can usually easily restore the healthy skin condition – for example with so-called photodynamic therapy.

It is also a good idea to regularly wear a hat or cap outdoors. Effective sun protection should generally begin in early childhood, as sunburns in childhood are often the basis for skin cancer in adulthood.

Do you have questions about health? Write to OÖN doctor Johannes Neuhofer (dermatologist), who oversees this column with a team of doctors: Clemens Steinwender (cardiologist), Reinhold Függer (surgeon), Rainer Schöfl (gastroenterologist), Josef Hochreiter (orthopedist), Werner Schöny (psychiatrist). E-mail: [email protected]

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