The Uruguayan exodus began, with great movement at the border crossings towards Argentina

The Uruguayan exodus began, with great movement at the border crossings towards Argentina
September 15, 2023 – 20:43

There were significant lines of vehicles on the bridges at the beginning of the September holidays.

At the beginning of the holidays, there was intense movement at the border crossings into Argentina.

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Thousands of Uruguayans They began the exodus towards Argentina, within the framework of the beginning of the vacation September, so there were long lines at the border crossings into the neighboring country, as families took the opportunity to make purchases and take advantage of the exchange difference.

Due to the constant crossings to the neighboring country, the National Immigration Directorate enabled 8 lanes in the General San Martín Bridge, with the aim of providing fluidity to traffic and avoiding delays that occurred on other occasions. The intense flow was also felt by those people who crossed Argentina by sea and air.

At the beginning of the holidays, the president of the Association of Travel Agents (AUDAVI), Fernando Riva, admitted in dialogue with Subrayado that families “remain eager to travel and Argentina continues to be the star,” with the city of Bariloche and the south of that country as main destinations, to which are added others such as Jump and Mendoza.

For Riva, The price gap that exists between the two countries is fundamental. “People took great advantage of Argentina. The destination in our sales grew more than 100%,” he admitted and observed that due to the exchange difference “the habit of people who perhaps were going to leave is changing. Brazil or even to Caribbean”.

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Uruguayans represent 29.6% of tourists in Argentina

According to the latest data from the neighboring country, in July the number of Uruguayans who travel to Argentina, which is equivalent to saying that about 183 thousand people traveled.

According to the report of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec), A total of 618,300 tourists entered that country, of which 29.6% were Uruguayans. They also took advantage of the exchange difference Brazilians (25.2%) and Chileans (15.4%).

From Indec they specified that the survey does not include 599,000 hikers who entered Argentina in July, representing foreigners who crossed the border but without spending the night in the territory, among whom probably many Uruguayans.

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