There was more than an hour delay at Immigrations

There was more than an hour delay at Immigrations

The enormous influx of Uruguayans to Argentina last night caused more than an hour of delay in carrying out the Immigration process at the entrance to Good Aires in a new episode of what is the exodus of people from Uruguay which is now regularly observed on long weekends and holiday dates.

Hundreds of people arrived in Buenos Aires on the company’s last ship Bus of the day and the Immigration sector collapsed, where they waited more than one hour to carry out entry control into the country, even though most of the windows for this purpose were functioning.

The hundreds of Uruguayans, the majority families with small children who sat on the floor of the terminal before the long wait, moved to Argentina in the context of the September vacation week and motivated by the exchange difference.

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Due to the number of Uruguayans, the Immigration process took more than an hour for those who arrived on the last boat of the day from Buquebus to Argentina.

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Immigration personnel told Ámbito that it is common for there to be greater movement on Fridays, but that yesterday was something unprecedented.

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Hundreds of Uruguayans traveled to Argentina for the September holidays.

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Long lines at international bridges

The exodus and the large number of people who chose Argentina to spend the September holidays, it could also be observed on the international bridges that connect the Uruguayan coast with the neighboring country, where there were long lines of vehicles crossing the border.

Due to the constant crossings to the neighboring country, the National Immigration Directorate enabled 8 lanes in the General San Martín Bridge, with the aim of providing fluidity to traffic and avoiding delays that occurred on other occasions. The intense flow was also felt by those people who crossed Argentina by sea and air.

At the beginning of the holidays, the president of the Association of Travel Agents (AUDAVI), Fernando Riva, admitted in dialogue with Subrayado that families “remain eager to travel and Argentina continues to be the star,” with the city of Bariloche and the south of that country as main destinations, to which are added others such as Jump and Mendoza.

For Riva, The price gap that exists between the two countries is fundamental. “People took great advantage of Argentina. The destination in our sales grew more than 100%,” he admitted and observed that due to the exchange difference “the habit of people who perhaps were going to leave is changing. Brazil or even to Caribbean”.

Source: Ambito

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