The Broad Front asks to remove the other two members of the CTM of Salto Grande

The Broad Front asks to remove the other two members of the CTM of Salto Grande
September 16, 2023 – 17:51

Fernando Pereira spoke of “a world of accommodations” in the National Party and asked the government to “take action on the matter.”


The president of Frente Amplio, Fernando Pereira, He maintained that in the government there is “a world of accommodations,” when questioning the complaints of clientelism due to appointments in the Joint Technical Commission (CTM) of Big jump, which led to the resignation of its president, Carlos Albisu.

Pereira also referred to the role of the other two representatives of the CTM: the vice president Nicolás Irigoyen and the delegate Daniel Arcieri. “What did the other two members vote for? If they voted the same as Albisu, for the same reason, they have to leave,” he pointed out in dialogue with Underlined, the Frente Amplista leader, who said that this should happen before the questioning of the Minister of Economy and Finance. Azucena Arbeleche, and to the chancellor Francisco Bustillo.

For the president of FA, “The question is clear and the answer seems obvious.” For this reason, he asked the government to “take matters into its own hands and appoint three members.” In fact, he hoped that the Executive “would have the greatness to appoint members of the Broad Front, “He is the one who will control that this does not happen.”

It is worth remembering that the government justified the budget increase of 200 million pesos for the CTM. This is what the minister did Arbeleche, who maintained that it was a “reinforcement.” Even the President Luis Lacalle Pou He warned that “if measures have to be taken, they will be taken without our pulse shaking.”

Pereira: “People ask us to change the government”

Looking ahead to next year’s elections, where the Frente Amplio appears with good options, Pereira He assured that the opposition cannot “lose the direction that the people ask of us, which is to change the government.”

By abounding in criticism of the Multicolor Coalition, He maintained that the government “has done poorly in terms of salaries, pensions and they have not resolved the issue of public security.” Furthermore, he pointed out that “they have made a world of accommodations as they did in Big jump, hiring councilors from list 400 and 404″.

Source: Ambito

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