The government gave the green light to extend the agricultural emergency due to the drought

The government gave the green light to extend the agricultural emergency due to the drought

The minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishing, Fernando Mattos, anticipated that “it is convenient” to extend the agricultural emergency by drought, which ends next Saturday the 23rd, considering it necessary for the government to continue providing assistance to producers.

Mattos He assured that today we are experiencing “a panorama of climate recovery,” but warned that “the situation has not yet been reversed.” water deficit in the south”, so he believes it prudent that the MGAP continue to collaborate in the face of the million-dollar losses that the sector faced.

The leader indicated that the agricultural emergency will continue until next Saturday the 23rd and he anticipated that at the meeting he will propose that “it is convenient to extend it,” pointing out that “it is necessary to continue assistance to producers in this context.”

For Mattos, beyond the best situation and the perspective provided by the arrival of The boy, with more rain, “we have a scenario of climate recovery, the water deficit in the south of Uruguay”.

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Assistance to producers

The owner of the MGAP appreciated the measures that the government took at the height of the crisis drought, with a total of 20,000 direct aid for a total of 13,500 producers. “Our duty was to alleviate the situation so that they remain on their feet, so that no producer is left behind and continue forward on the path to recovery,” he said.

At the same time, he spoke of the contrast with last year, in which a “record of exports and prices rarely seen.” However, he said that the government was able to “manage the conspiracy of productive failure with the rise in costs and the fall in prices.”

The exchange rate delay is “a complex issue”

Mattos He also referred to the exchange delay, one of the main critics of the agricultural sector, which was recently renewed in the Expo Prado. “The dollar is a complex issue, in which we are not directly involved,” he assured.

The leader admitted that there is “concern about the impact of our activity and profitability,” although he recalled that “in 40 years, we have had periods of exchange delay.” However, he confirmed that “the priority has been the fight against inflation”.

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