Klagenfurt’s dying swan saved a draw

Klagenfurt’s dying swan saved a draw
Not his day: Klagenfurt’s goalie wrestled with Sulejmanovic for the ball.
Image: Moser

There was already a lot of frustration in the red and white home team’s game after the restart and ASK Klagenfurt’s 1-0 half-time lead. Again a pass was far too imprecise and Bernhard Nössler, the Carinthian goalkeeper, was able to easily clear the ball that was played far too far into the penalty area. The referee should have shown the Steyr striker, who got in the way of the goalie and bumped into him, a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct, as he often did in this match. But what did Nössler do: He fell to the ground and then didn’t move on the lawn for a long time. Even in the city theater right next to the stadium there were boos for the performance of the dying swan. And the forward fans in the south stand were even more merciless critics. For any goalie who has antagonized the spectators behind the net, it is difficult to maintain concentration afterwards. Nössler, who was whistled mercilessly by the Vorwärts fans every time he touched the ball, also made the mistake: in the 66th minute he reached out with his gloves when Oliver Filip and the ball were past him and already had a real chance to score. and caught the striker by the foot. Sulejmanovic safely converted the penalty to make it 1-1 and limit the damage for the SKV.

The offensive remains the construction site for coach Markus Eitl. Only two chances to score, none of them compelling, were the result in the game against the bottom of the table. Valerian Hüttner even had to save one point with a brilliant save.

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