Adrián Peña will not be a candidate within the Colorado Party

Adrián Peña will not be a candidate within the Colorado Party

The senator and former minister of Atmosphere, Adrian Penaannounced that he will not be a pre-candidate for president in the internal elections of the Colorado Party (PC) in 2024.

The former head of Ministry of Environment (M.A.) and industry leader Citizens made official his decision not to be part of the electoral race, and that, instead, he will support the potential nomination of the president of the Central Board of Directors (They code) of the National Public Education Administration (ANEP), Robert Silva.

Griefwho was in the eye of the storm in the first months of the year for his resignation from the MA after it became public that he presented himself as a graduate in Business Administrationwhen he did not yet have the academic title issued by the Catholic University of Uruguay (UCU), argued to the press that he will not be a candidate for “personal reasons.”

The legislator will also cede first place on the list to Senate from Citizens to Silvawho also received the support of the Colorado space Batllismo Abierto, led by the deputy Ope Pasquet.

Silvawho if he accepts the pre-candidacy in the party’s internal elections would have to resign from his position on the last Sunday of October, was already a candidate for vice president in 2019 in the formula headed by the former chancellor and founder of Ciudadanos, Ernesto Talvi.

After the abrupt resignation of Talvi as holder of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRREE) and his subsequent disappearance from political life, Ciudadanos and the PC remained headless in their leadership, those positions being occupied by Griefat the sectoral level, and by former president of the Republic, Julio María Sanguinetti in a greater dimension as general secretary of the party.

Who are the possible presidential candidates of the Colorado Party?

In addition to the already discarded Grief and his own Silvathe criminal lawyer and departmental exedil for Montevideo, Andres Ojedaseems to appear as the other possible candidate emerging from the ranks of Ciudadanos.

After the former Colorado leader Pedro Bordaberry re-register his Vamos Uruguay sector within the party, his return to politics seems almost a given and he could monopolize political command again.

In addition, the Batllistas group proposes the pre-candidacy of the current Minister of Tourism and former mayor of Rivera, Tabare Viera.

The president of Antel, Gabriel Gurmendezwould consider the possibility of launching the electoral race for the historic List 15. Likewise, the former prosecutor and deputy, Gustavo Zubia (from the Third Way sector), could present his pre-candidacy.

The Director of Telecommunications Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM), Guzmán Acosta y Laracurrent has already decided to compete internally.

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