Girl fell into ravine: out of danger

Girl fell into ravine: out of danger
Mountain rescuers and high-altitude rescuers from the fire department came to the 15-year-old’s aid, including an emergency doctor.
Image: Kerschi

Not only a guardian angel may have watched over 15-year-old Lisa on Sunday night. The girl fell 30 meters down a ravine on a wooded steep slope in Leonstein, high above the Steyr river bank, literally over hill and dale. Yesterday the all-clear came from the Steyr hospital: the girl was out of danger.

The rural youth Oktoberfest attracted the young people from Klaus an der Pyhrnbahn to Leonstein, municipality of Grünburg. The forest area with the steep slope on the area of ​​​​the stock shooting hall was cordoned off with bars by the organizers.

It was shortly after midnight when the 15-year-old left the party. She wanted to relieve herself briefly outside, which is why she climbed over the barrier. A friend saw the accident and raised the alarm.

Around 40 emergency services immediately set off: the Leonstein, Steyrling, Irndorf and Ternberg fire departments, where specially trained high-altitude rescuers are involved. Because the place where the girl lay was difficult to access.

The emergency doctor rappelled down

High-altitude rescuers and mountain rescue helpers set up a so-called abseil run at the top so that Kirchdorf emergency doctor Jakob Ebner, who has also been a volunteer mountain rescuer since 2012, could reach the young person first. The doctor cared for the young woman the entire time. To my surprise, she was responsive. “I expected the most serious internal injuries. We are all glad that it turned out so lightly,” says the doctor.

Transported by dinghy

However, pulling the 15-year-old up with ropes turned out to be too risky due to the difficult terrain. That’s why she was transported away in a fire department inflatable boat. The helpers illuminated the pitch-dark surroundings with spotlights. “You have to be careful that no one falls into the water, our emergency clothing is heavy enough,” says Commander Florian Auinger from the Steyrling Volunteer Fire Department. The seriously injured woman was taken 300 meters downstream, where an emergency medical team and paramedics were already waiting by the road. The 15-year-old was admitted to the Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen Clinic in Steyr.

There was good news from the hospital at lunchtime on Sunday. Intensive medical care for the patient is currently not necessary; she is being monitored in the observation ward, said Christine Dörfel, spokeswoman for the Upper Austrian health holding, when asked by the OÖN.

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