“We can only offer a lot of things at the Red Cross through donations”

“We can only offer a lot of things at the Red Cross through donations”
The Rieder district manager Christian Dobler-Strehle
Image: Jakob Simharl/Red Cross

Members of the Red Cross are currently traveling in the Ried district and are requesting support in the form of membership. Because many services are only possible because the population supports the Red Cross with donations, as district manager Christian Dobler-Strehle says.
The employees are still on the road until mid-October, and Dobler-Strehle explains how you can distinguish “real” Red Cross people from possible copycats: “Every recruiter we commission wears a complete Red Cross uniform and has a Red Cross as well -Service ID card with photo and a power of attorney signed and stamped by me. The advertisers actively identify themselves as such and confirm their memberships with a specially designed signature block.”

Cash not accepted

Cash may not be accepted for security reasons. The advertisers ask that donor details be disclosed using a tablet. “Here we can firstly ensure that the donations and membership fees made remain in the Ried district and that the data is secure. The membership fee is also automatically reported to the tax office as a donation,” says Dobler-Strehle. If there are still doubts, there is the option of having the status clarified via a service hotline (the number is on a confirmation slip that the advertiser carries with them). You should also not be confused when other dialects are spoken. “Colleagues from all over Austria support us,” explains Dobler-Strehle.

Not everything from public sources

Dobler-Strehle explains why donations and financial support are so important for the work of the Red Cross: “The Red Cross in the Ried district currently offers 23 service areas, a significant part of which is financed through membership fees and donations. Every member and every donor therefore makes a contribution through their contribution to ensuring that the Red Cross can help those people who need help.” Not everything at the Red Cross is financed from public sources. “Disaster protection, youth work, visiting services, crisis intervention, hospice work, training, further education and training for our employees – these are just some of the service areas that are made possible by members and donors. We can only offer many services because people support us by donating time, blood or money,” says Dobler-Strehle.
Everyone is helped
Even if membership brings advantages and discounts in some areas: “The rescue service is not affected by membership. We make no distinction whether we are a member or not, and we help wherever help is needed in an emergency,” assures Rieder.

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