a group of people demand to be recognized as dogs

a group of people demand to be recognized as dogs
September 19, 2023 – 15:21

The protesters were shown making typical pet noises to reaffirm their protest. What it means and what are the precedents for a law of this style.

The various gender perceptions They abound these days. That’s why it wasn’t so surprising when a group of people organized a protest to be recognized as dogs. The transspecies -as they call themselves- demonstrated in the German capital of Berlin barking and howling, in mode of vindication for their rights.

Although it may seem something out of the ordinary, the reality is that more and more people in the world feel identified with animals. In this way, the protesters gathered at the metro station of Potsdamer Platz.


The video of the protest they organized in Berlin.


The images generated a great controversy and division in society, which on the one hand accused the protesters of “wanting to attract attention”, and on the other supported the concentration and demanded “acceptance for a group that does not harm anyone.”

What are transspecies?

This concept refers to those people who They do not identify themselves as human beings, but as animals. This goes beyond gender identity and the policies promoted by people of the LGBTIQ+ communitysince the characteristics of the transspecies movement do not accept human qualities.

Other cases of this type of perception became Famous in the last moment. Such is the case of Tom Petersa 32-year-old British man who wanted to be a dalmatian puppy. From walking on all fours, to sleeping in a cot and barking when angry, he leads a life just like a pet should have.

On the other hand, recently it was viral the story of “I touch“, a content creator of Japanese origin who spent more than $13,000 to fulfill your dream of become a dog. In this way, he made a hyperrealistic suit manufactured by the special effects company Zeppet.

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