Schwertführer “35” from Sooß won the OÖN wine show

Schwertführer “35” from Sooß won the OÖN wine show
The sword handlers are “over the moon” and are happy about the wine show victory. (Sword handlers & female sword handlers)
Image: Sword handlers & female sword handlers

But I have good news for lunch,” says Sigrid Schwertführer in response to the news that the Pinot Noir Ried Spada (see wine of the week at the end of the article) has won the wine show.

The winemaker runs the “Die Schwertführerinnen” winery with her sister Kerstin. But dad won. “The Pinot Noir is pure daddy stuff. He did it well,” she says and laughs. Even if the parents’ and daughters’ businesses are different, they are united by the title “family winery.”

Tradition and present

A total of 19 hectares are cultivated. Organic is a topic that will be looked at more closely in the next few years. You can also see the wine show victory and the price-performance ratio of the wines. Both the Pinot Noir (13.90 euros) and the St. Laurent (8.50 euros) were among the inexpensive wines. “Our customers appreciate that. We don’t want high prices and prefer to sell from the farm. In combination with our wine tavern, it’s a nice experience.” Good news for connoisseurs who come to Sooß and want to taste good, affordable wines.

The following winemakers submitted their Pinot Noirs and St. Laurents to the wine show:

Cutter, Tattendorf, Pinot Noir Ried Tagelsteiner 2021 Dopler, Tattendorf, Pinot Noir Tattendorf 2020 Johann Gisperg, Tattendorf, Pinot Noir Ried Holzspur 2020 Heggenberger, Tattendorf, Pinot Noir Ried Lores 2020 Landauer-Gisperg, Tattendorf, Pinot Noir Ried Ausser Joch 2021 Johanneshof Reinisch, Tattendorf, St. Laurent Ried Frauenfeld 2020 Alphart, Traiskirchen, Pinot Noir Ried Rosenberg 2021 Sword handler “35”, Sooß, Pinot Noir Ried Spada 2019 Heinrich Hartl III, Oberwaltersdorf, Pinot Noir Ried Graf Weingartl 2020 Cutter, Tattendorf, St. Laurent Tattendorf Ried Frauenfeld 2020 Johann Gisperg, Tattendorf, St. Laurent Ried Holzspur 2020 Heggenberger, Tattendorf, St. Laurent Ried Holzspur 2020 Sword handler “47er”, Sooß, St. Laurent Ried Römerberg 2021 Landauer-Gisperg, Tattendorf, St. Laurent Ried Frauenfeld 2021 Sword handler “35”, Sooß, St. Laurent Ried Harterberg 2018 Heinrich Hartl III, Oberwaltersdorf, St. Laurent Ried Herb Garden 2020 Drexler-Leeb, Perchtoldsdorf, St. Laurent Ried Iglsee 2020

Drink of the week

Weingut Schwertführer “35”Thermenregion, SooßPinot Noir Ried Spada 201913.90 euros (13.5 vol.%)

If you would like to get to know the thermal region better, you only have to take a look at part of the list of varieties from the Schwertführer family from Sooß. There are Rotgipfler in various stages of development or the daughters’ “Salon” variety winner Chardonnay Dassy Reserve 2019. On the red side, the Burgundy varieties Pinot Noir and St. Laurent dominate. In general, the wines are characterized by a very good price-performance ratio, two achieved top positions at the wine show: St. Laurent came fourth, Pinot won the audience vote. The Pinot, aged for 18 months in barriques (partly new, partly used), is shown a fine blade: well-integrated tannin, distinctive dark blackberry fruit is pleasant, light vanilla tones, delicate sweetness, juicy, stimulating to drink. It can still be stored, but there is nothing wrong with opening the wine now, tasting it straight away or combining it with braised meat.www. Schwertfuehrer.at

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