In 2023 there were already 506 shootings

In 2023 there were already 506 shootings

The president of USA, Joe Biden, is establishing a new armed violence prevention office, which will be overseen by Vice President Kamala Harris, and is bringing in prominent activists to help lead it, official sources said Thursday. In 2023 there were already 506 shootings, according to the NGO Gun Violence Archive.

The new office will help enforce current laws on gun safety, while will collaborate with the states in this matter, as officials explained to journalists in a conference call.

“I will continue to urge Congress to take common-sense measures that most Americans support, such as enacting universal background checks and banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”Biden said in a statement.

“But in the absence of these much-needed measures, the Office of Gun Violence Prevention “Along with the rest of my Administration, I will continue to do everything we can to combat the epidemic of gun violence that is tearing apart our families, our communities, and our country.”


INJURED. The investigation initiated by the Republicans takes place while Joe Biden faces poor numbers in the polls as he seeks an eventual second term next year.

Shootings increase in the US

The creation of the office is a victory for gun violence advocacy groups, who were pleased with Biden’s record in promoting reforms but hoped the White House would do more.

During 2023, 506 shootings have already been recorded throughout the United Statesaccording to figures collected by the NGO Gun Violence Archive. If the current trend continues, it could end as the year with the most armed events since the organization began collecting daily information in 2013.

Until now, The year with the most mass shootings was 2021 with a total of 689, where 45,127 violent deaths were also recorded. Then 2022 appears with 645 and 44,384 deaths from firearms. 2020 follows with 610 and 43,750 deaths.

Source: Ambito

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