The National Party questioned the Montevideo cycle path due to the risk of life for cyclists

The National Party questioned the Montevideo cycle path due to the risk of life for cyclists
September 23, 2023 – 20:29

Councilor Javier Barrios Bove said that the initiative “is crazy” because the bike path is in the middle of traffic.

The cycle path Montevideo what the mayor announced yesterday Carolina Cosse sparked criticism in the National Party, from where the mayor Javier Barrios Bove He came out to question the project, which he described as “crazy” and, regarding the viability of the initiative, he stated: “We are concerned about the lives of cyclists.”

The bench of National Party He anticipated that he will summon the Departmental Board to the Montevideo traffic authorities and Bove neighborhoods He assured Telemundo that he is in favor of sustainable mobility, but described the project as “crazy.”

“It is enough to see the image of what that bike lane would be to understand the risk that cyclists are going to take walking around, competing with traffic,” said the nationalist mayor, who stated that “there is no security” for users.

Bove neighborhoods He maintained that “nowhere in the world is it planned that on an avenue like 18 de Julio there will be a bike lane in the middle” and that is why he considered the initiative “insane” and said that it is the “rehash of a proposal that was made Daniel Martinez and it was seen that it was unviable.”

“We are concerned about the lives of the cyclists, which will be at stake in this concrete jungle in the middle of July 18,” the nationalist leader shot.

The cycle path project

Cosse announced yesterday the construction of the bike path, which will have an extension of 3.5 kilometers and will allow the Obelisk with the Independence Square, within the framework of a proposal that also includes the promotion of the seal Greener Montevideo for those businesses that include bicycle racks and favor users who choose to travel this way.

The cycle path will have a different width in Center and Cord and will be painted in the center of the avenue and against the north curb in Saint Joseph. Furthermore, since the Montevideo Municipality They stated that 600 bicycles circulate every day in the afternoons on the avenue, almost double the number of other streets.

Regarding the route, the I.M. He pointed out that the bike path will go July 18 until Jaguar, to wander down the street Saint Joseph, round trip, while it will arrive by Saint Joseph to the Independence Square.

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