The UN confirmed that the Russian army tortured Ukrainian prisoners to death

The UN confirmed that the Russian army tortured Ukrainian prisoners to death

The United Nations (UN) Commission who investigates the human rights violations during the Russia-Ukraine conflict confirmed allegations that Russian troops tortured Ukrainian prisoners ‘to death’. The Commission documented this “use widespread and systematic of torture”, particularly against people accused of being armed forces informants from Ukraine.

The report notes that evidence continues to be collected that the Kremlin is committing war crimesincluding illegal attacks with explosives, attacks against civilianstorture, sexual and gender violence, and attacks against energy infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Russia denied committing the crimes of which he is accused, while the Ministry of Defence Russian did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


A basement of an office building, where the prosecutors they say that 30 people were detained two months during a Russian occupation in Kherson.


What the report says about Russian crimes

The document talks about torture by the Russian armed forces in areas that fell under Russian military control. Some of these victims died, and those who managed to escape alive denounced violence and sexual assault.

Erik Mosepresident of the Commission, testified before the UN Human Rights Council in Genevaand explained that it is impossible to determine the number of cases of torture resulting in death, due to the access restrictions. “It is a number quite high and coming from very different regions throughout the country, near and far from the battle lines,” he said.

Following these statements, the Commission determined its position that violations committed by Russian forces in Ukraine, including the use of torture, may constitute crimes against humanity.


More than ten major Ukrainian cities were taken by Russia.

More than ten major cities ukrainian were taken by Russia.

The investigators also indicated that they are regularly updating a list with the identity of the perpetrators of human rights violations that they will deliver in the future to the relevant United Nations body.

Regarding finding guiltythe UN investigators They confessed to the possession of a list with identity of the authors of human rights violations, which will be handed over “in the future” to the organization for safekeeping. This not only includes names, but also entities responsible and cover-ups.

The official and complete content of this list is kept in reserve and its objective is to serve as the basis of a criminal accusation when these situations are judged by national or international justice bodies.

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