Construction begins for Regauer Musikheim

Construction begins for Regauer Musikheim
Valentina and Christina with chairman Claus Pohn at the groundbreaking ceremony
Image: Alois Huemer

“The groundbreaking ceremony for the new music center is a historic moment for us,” said the chairman of the Regau Citizens’ Corps Band, Claus Pohn. In its 206-year history, the Regau Citizens’ Corps Band is getting its own music hall for the first time.

The space in the old building had long since become far too limited for the more than a hundred members of the Regau Citizens’ Corps Band. “After a long-term planning phase, the longed-for groundbreaking ceremony has now taken place,” says Regau Mayor Peter Harringer with relief. Claus Pohn emphasized that “we are not investing in a building, but rather in an excellent club community.” In accordance with the space requirements program, the state has approved a new building with a usable area of ​​420 m2. The building can be implemented thanks to financial support from the state in the form of allocation funds and the market community’s share of the costs. The band also has to raise a considerable amount of money or work. “We are motivated and already have the work gloves ready,” says Pohn.

The heart of the new music hall will be the 190 m2 rehearsal room. Furthermore, an individual rehearsal room, toilets, office, archive and a small lounge will be integrated into the building. The musicians want to play the first notes in the new music hall in Regau in autumn 2024.

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