Lacalle Pou asked to take care of the essence of the individual in the face of artificial intelligence

Lacalle Pou asked to take care of the essence of the individual in the face of artificial intelligence

President Luis Lacalle Pou called for “taking care of the essence of the individual” in the face of technological advances and the new future challenges proposed by the artificial intelligence (AI).

The president spoke this Monday afternoon within the framework of the 2nd World Summit of Futures Commissions which takes place in Uruguay until September 27, held at the Parliamentand headed by the vice president of the Republic, Beatriz Argimon.

For your speech, Lacalle Pou He occupied the seat where he began his parliamentary career almost 24 years ago, when he became deputy of the National Party. From there, he commented that it is the duty of governments to “take care of the essence of the individual, with values ​​and principles that have always existed” in the face of technological advances.

“At the end of the day, everything else (outside of the individual) is instrumental, which does not mean that we should not pay attention to it, but it is instrumental,” he expanded on the matter.

“There are values ​​and principles that adapt to the circumstances, but they remain the same since man has walked upright on this planet,” he stressed.

Likewise, he pointed out that human beings have always handled “the same loves, the same sadness, the same hopes, the same illusions, the same fears.”

“Now we tell you AI, but I imagine the first time you saw a scientific calculator, what was it? That was AI“said the president.

Lacalle Pou: “Everything unknown generates fear”

The head of state maintained that “everything unknown generates fear, generates fear”, but that “humanity has evolved positively, where adaptation must be increasingly faster, that humans must adapt, connect and update themselves to be more free.” “.

Lacalle Pou He called on those present “to look with great passion at the future” in order to give “a positive dimension to the evolution that humanity has had.”

“I invite you to address the AI positively,” commented the president, who once again insisted on “not approaching these future issues with a pathological vision,” since “they can make us (humans) more free.”


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