Gabriel Gurméndez will be a pre-candidate for the Colorado Party

Gabriel Gurméndez will be a pre-candidate for the Colorado Party

The president of Antel, Gabriel Gurmendezhe informed the president Luis Lacalle Pou who will leave his position at the end of October to be a presidential pre-candidate for the Colorado Party (PC).

After meeting this Monday with the head of state in the Executive Tower, the head of the state company announced his intentions for the internal elections of 2024, for which he must leave his position before October 27 to access the themselves.

Last week, the historic List 15 (Batllismo Group) of the PC had proposed the pre-candidacy of Gurmendez towards the internal ones, obtaining a favorable response from the president of Antel, who had promised to “reflect” on the proposal.

So far, it is unknown at what point in October Gurmendez will cease his duties at Antel, and what names are being considered for his replacement.

From List 15 they maintain that Gurmendez He is the right one for the PC to once again have a more leading role in national politics, since “he is a figure who has accumulated a recognized political militancy over time” and could mean a renewal of the Colorado leadership.

List 15 is led by the president of the State Insurance Bank (BSE), José Amorín Batlleand the senator Raul Batlle.

Who are the possible presidential candidates of the Colorado Party?

It is presumed that Gurmendez must now compete against Robert Silvawho is being promoted as a presidential candidate by the sector Citizensthe one with the greatest parliamentary representation within the PC.

For it, Silva He must also resign from his current position as president of the Central Board of Directors (they code) of the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP) before October 27.

On the other hand, and after he re-registered his old sector within the PC at the end of May, the former senator and leader of the party, Pedro Bordaberrycontinues without ruling on a potential presidential pre-candidacy.

The other possible applicants are the Minister of Tourism, Tabare Viera; deputy Gustavo Zubiaand the criminal lawyer Andres Ojeda. Likewise, the Director of Telecommunications of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM), Guzmán Acosta y Larahas already confirmed his candidacy.

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