“Oh you happy one”: Vienna Boys’ Choir sings in Rohrbach

“Oh you happy one”: Vienna Boys’ Choir sings in Rohrbach
The Vienna Boys’ Choir will be performing at the invitation of Peter Böck on November 26th in the Rohrbach parish church.
Image: (Vienna Boys’ Choir)

A very special musical Advent is coming up in Rohrbach this year. Perhaps the most famous boys’ choir in the world, the Vienna Boys’ Choir, is making a guest appearance in Rohrbach-Berg for the first time. On this year’s anniversary tour, they will be bringing their new Christmas program to the Rohrbach-Berg parish church on Sunday, November 26th at 5 p.m “Oh you happy one” With the commitment of the Vienna Boys’ Choir, the long-standing organizer of the Rohrbach New Year’s Concert, Peter Böck, has achieved a small sensation. Advance tickets are available at Sparkasse Mühlviertel-West (SMW). In 2023, the Vienna Boys’ Choir will celebrate its 525th anniversary. In Rohrbach-Berg, the boys sing their new Christmas program with warm, cheerful and festive Christmas and Advent songs under bandmaster Manolo Cagnin.

The Vienna Boys’ Choir emerged from the choir of the Roman-German Emperor Maximilian I: In 1498, Maximilian set up a chapel in Vienna in which also “khnaben” should sing. The boys sang at daily masses, at the stately table, at festivals, dynastic weddings, at state ceremonies and funerals, at imperial assemblies and meetings of princes.

Maximilian’s choir boys were specially trained; They came from Flanders, France, Germany, Switzerland, Lower Austria and Tyrol. Over the centuries, the Viennese court attracted many brilliant musicians. The Habsburgs were music lovers, many of them were very good musicians themselves, and professional music was therefore strongly encouraged.

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