Non-payment of alimony will be a crime with Accountability

Non-payment of alimony will be a crime with Accountability
October 3, 2023 – 09:27

The budget message that begins to be discussed in the Senate plenary session includes an additive that criminalizes this crime, with penalties of 3 to 12 months in prison.

The full Senate begins to debate the bill Accountability after the half sanction in Deputies and the approval in the Finance Commission integrated with Budget of the Upper House. The text includes, among others, an additive presented by the nationalist Carmen Asiaín that proposes criminalizing unjustified non-compliance with the alimony as a crime in Uruguay.

Based on the history of complaints and convictions against those who do not pay child support – under the figure of omission of the duties inherent to parental authority established in the Penal Code-, the senator of National Party He incorporated the article to “provide tools for those obliged to avoid responsibility, not to persecute the poor thing who is sick and who has not had a job for a long time. Always is he who can does not comply”.

If the initiative added to the Accountability is approved in the Senate, if “anyone who, being judicially obliged to pay alimony in favor of his minor children, having been judicially summoned, fails to provide it without justified causes”, may face a sentence of between three and 12 months in prisonas provided in article 643 that would be added to the Penal Code.

The text adds that “it constitutes aggravating of this crime the use of stratagems or pretexts to evade compliance with the payment of alimony, as well as whoever, in order to evade compliance therewith, maliciously destroys, renders unusable, damages, hides, or makes assets of his assets disappear or fraudulently diminishes their value, and in this way frustrates, in whole or in part the fulfillment of said obligations.”

Minimum payment for pensions

Likewise, Senator Asiaín affirmed to Subrayado that the initiative establishes a minimum of “around 5,000 pesos” for child support.

“If you have Mides plans“Something is going to have to contribute,” he added, and assured that “measures are also being proposed to locate those parents who do not meet these obligations.” As an example, he indicated that there will be measures so that when the parent shows up to carry out a procedure at a public office, he or she will be notified that he or she is absent and will be asked to personal data registration.

When asked if it would be a crime not to contribute, Asiaín stated: “For those who intentionally do not contribute, after having a judgment that condemns him, and a payment notice”.

Source: Ambito

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