Arbeleche clarified that the CTM of Salto Grande has immunities and privileges by law

Arbeleche clarified that the CTM of Salto Grande has immunities and privileges by law
October 3, 2023 – 20:45

Before Parliament, the head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance defended the role of the Executive Branch before the deputies.

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The minister of Economy and Finance, Azucena Arbeleche, explained that the Mixed Technical Commission (CTM) of Big Jump has “immunities and privileges” that are inherent to the law, when exposing during the interpellation in the Parliament due to the direct hiring of that organization and the complaints of clientelism.

When speaking before the House of Representatives, where the chancellor previously appeared Francisco Bustillo, Arbeleche answered the questions of the interpelling deputy of the Wide Front (FA), Nicolas Viera, and insisted that “the CTM has immunity from jurisdiction”, by an agreement signed in 1946 between Argentina and Uruguay.

The binational organization “is the one that approves its budget for expenses and investments,” said the head of the MEF and stated that “the Executive power “It cannot and should not modify the budget submitted due to the obligation assumed by the Uruguayan State.”

As a summary, at the end of her presentation, the leader explained that “the Uruguayan state is obliged to pay the salaries of the delegates and expenses for common facilities of the “CTM” and clarified that “the Executive receives the budget and includes the part corresponding to general income in the project of accountability and budget balance, without having the power to reject or modify the budget.”

At the same time, he indicated that “the Legislative power is the final recipient of the information regarding the execution of the budgets of the CTM and is the one that approves the credits to finance the budget for future years.”

Arbeleche accused a Frente Amplio deputy of “not understanding” his presentation

Given the criticism of his presentation by the deputy Nicholas See, who accused her of giving “zero answers” ​​and of using “the strategy of boring us with things we don’t ask to excuse ourselves from not answering,” Arbeleche He went out to the intersection and declared: “The questions were answered, obviously they were not understood.”

“The questioning member said that I came with an armed response and he blew it like sausage. But it is an instance of interpellation and requires adequate preparation to present in front of the Parliament”, indicated the leader, who said that “the MEF, analyzing the issue and with the respect that legislators deserve.”

Then, he launched: “Another thing is that the questioning member has not understood and speaks of a lack of transparency.” To round off his questioning of the Frente-Amplista legislator, he assured: “I understand that he acts in good faith, therefore he demonstrates ignorance of some legal and budgetary aspects.”

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