a pilot tried to turn off the engines in the air

a pilot tried to turn off the engines in the air

An unusual event occurred during a flight of Horizon Air in the United States when a pilot tried to turn off the aircraft engines while it was in the air.

According to the authorities, the detained subject was traveling in the jump seat of the flight 2059 from Everett to San Francisco last Sunday, a situation that is common in the civil aeronautical world.

“The occupant of the folding seat tried unsuccessfully to interrupt the operation of the engines“from the plane, he explained Alaska Airlines it’s a statement.

The pilots in charge of the plane managed to reduce the subject and made an emergency landing in Portland. There, the authorities guarded the individual who attacked the plane controls.

The pilot was charged with attempted murder

The pilot Joseph David Emerson was arrested and charged with 83 counts of attempted murder after trying to shut down the engines on a regional airline flight Horizon Airproperty of Alaska Airlinesone of the most prestigious airlines in the world.

According to witnesses, the man acted just an hour after the takeoff. Howeverno losses were recorded sudden power changes as it would not have reached the controls. The investigation was in the power of FBI, from where the safety of air operations was guaranteed.

The company, as compensation, he offered free trips to all passengers who were on the flight. In addition, the crew was decorated for their actions.

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