Rohrbachers hope to shop without roadblocks

Rohrbachers hope to shop without roadblocks
Everyone who remained loyal to the center merchants during the difficult time on the construction site will take part in the raffle for this electric bike.
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After months of construction work that transformed the city center of Rohrbach-Berg into a major construction site and even partially paralyzed it, the city’s residents, business people and visitors can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The work is slowly but surely coming to an end. To mark this occasion, a grand opening celebration will take place on October 27th to herald the reawakening of the city center. This is accompanied by a noticeable relief for the economy, which was massively affected by the construction work. The official opening ceremony begins at 3 p.m. at the Haider intersection.

E-bike will be raffled off

The highlight of the day is the drawing of the main prize in the city center businesses’ construction site competition. An e-bike worth 4,500 euros, sponsored by Clean Energy and Fair Prize Siegfried Holinka, will be raffled off.

Ceremonial street opening

Mayor Andreas Lindorfer and Gerald Laher, chairman of the city center merchants, will hold the ceremonial opening of the street to mark the completion of the necessary and painful construction work. The Rohrbach-Berg town music band plays for the celebrations. The Sportunion Rohrbach-Berg serves drinks. For a small fee there are drinks and bread rolls for all visitors. The proceeds benefit the sports union.

The city center will also present itself online in the future, as the website “www.einkaufen-rohrbach.at” will be launched from 2024. The website offers a comprehensive list of all Rohrbach businesses with contact details as well as detailed pages for all member businesses of the center with opening times, information texts, picture galleries and directions. There is also an overview of current promotions and offers from the Zentrum Rohrbach businesses and the weekly menus from the restaurants. Information and events about Rohrbach-Berg will also be available on the website.

During the difficult time when Linzer Strasse and the town square were closed, many city center shops took advantage of the time and underwent top trade certification. This award is given by the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce after thorough testing through test purchases and key figures. “Hearing and Seeing Laher” and “Fleischerei Leibetseder” have already been certified several times. The newly certified businesses include “Allround –Mattresses”, “Fussl Mode”, “Organic Shop FavoritenSpeis”, “Schuhe Würfl”, “Trachtenmode Schmid” and “Watches & Jewelery Lederer”.

Together they form the heart of a renewed and thriving city center. The center of Rohrbach-Berg is well on its way to returning to its full glory.

The upcoming opening ceremony on October 27th marks the starting signal. After the inconveniences of the past few months, the Rohrbach-Berger companies are of course hoping for a flourishing Christmas business.

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