New management in the Schärding district old people’s and nursing home

New management in the Schärding district old people’s and nursing home
Monika Auinger, Florian Kolmhofer and Elisabeth Schunicht
Image: SHV

Schunicht took over the position on September 1st. She is responsible for 90 employees and 90 residents. As a trained health and nursing assistant, the new home manager was able to gain important professional experience. Schunicht completed a master’s degree in healthcare management with a focus on public health. For the past four years, Schunicht has worked as a consultant for health professions in various educational institutions, most recently as a contract teacher at the LWBFS Andorf with a focus on health and social issues.

“Elisabeth Schunicht brings a lot of valuable experience in health and human resources as well as project management to the Schärding social welfare association. Especially in challenging times, it is important to be broadly and professionally positioned. The new home manager will be an excellent addition to the existing management team of our facilities.” says district captain and chairman of the Schärding social welfare association, Florian Kolmhofer.

Monika Auinger managed both nursing homes in Schärding until September 2023. Now she can devote herself fully to management responsibility at the Tummelplatz center. “Monika Auinger led the house in an exemplary manner and contributed with great personal commitment to the development and expansion of the two houses and the range of services in a very challenging time,” says Kolmhofer. As a community association of the 30 communities in the Schärding district, SHV Schärding currently employs more than 500 people.

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