conservatives promote the new Constitution that will be voted on December 17

conservatives promote the new Constitution that will be voted on December 17

He Expert Committee and the Constitutional Council of Chile they already have prepared the new project Constitution to replace the one established by the dictatorship. The new Magna Carta would toughen treatment towards irregular migrationwould have more limitations on the right to strike and could put more restrictions on abortion law.

The initiative, which will be submitted to a plebiscite December 17was prepared by a constituent body dominated by representatives of the Republican Partythe ultraconservative political force that gained ground with a tough speech against the growing insecurity in the Andean country, to which associated with migration.

Chile new Constitution

The new Constitution of Chile, a bestseller on the streets of Santiago.

Photo: EFE

Its about second try to replace the Constitution inherited from the dictator Augusto Pinochet (who governed the country between 1973-1990), which still continues to divide Chileans despite the fact that several reforms have already eliminated some of its “more authoritarian” aspects.

Constitutional reform in Chile: what the polls say

According to the Chilean pollster Cadem, in the December plebiscite 54% plan to vote against of the new constitutional plan compared to 31% who says he is in favor. If this trend is confirmed, Chileans will continue with the Constitution drafted under the dictatorship.

“There is a kind of constitutional fatigue. And it has to do with the deficit of trust and expectations with the process”assured the Chilean analyst Marco Moreno.

Chilean Constitutional Convention

Abortion, migration and the right to strike: the three nuances that the conservative project aims to touch

More restrictions on abortion law

The new project, according to its critics, introduces aspects that pave the way so that the abortion law be reviewed. Until now, in Chile, abortion is allowed in case of rape, non-viability of the fetus and when the mother’s life is in danger.

One of the points that I would add about this law is the “institutional conscientious objection”which health centers could rely on to do not perform abortions.

“We have a text that protect the life of the unbornrecognizing that there is someone inside the mother’s womb, that there is a human being in gestation,” said the young republican leader Beatriz Hevia to the France Press Agency (AFP)who is also president of the Constitutional Council.

Abortion Chile.jpg

In Latin America, abortion is legal in Argentina, Colombia, Cuba and Uruguay. Recently, Justice in Mexico decriminalized this procedure.

New immigration policy

Regarding security, the ultraconservatives promoted an article that orders the expulsion “in the shortest possible time” of foreigners entering Chile, both “in a clandestine or by steps not enabled”.

According to data from the National Migration Service, in recent years some 1,700,000 migrants arrived, almost half of them Venezuelans.

Right to strike

The constitutional project prohibits the right to strike for state, municipal, public utility services or strategic sectors workers.


The new constitutional proposal would eliminate the right to strike.

The new constitutional proposal would eliminate the right to strike.


Furthermore, it provides that those convicted with terminal illnesses serve their sentence in home confinementwhich would favor some of the more than 130 convicted of human rights violations during the dictatorship.

New constitution: the opinion of parliamentarians

“The proposal goes one step further than the 1980 Constitutionwhich left a space for us to debate reforms such as the one under discussion (to the retirement system) or alternative solutions to the design of the Isapres,” he maintains. Yerko Ljubeticformer Minister of Labor and Social Welfare and current Constitutional Counselor.

For her part, the head of the Constituent Council defends the “free choice” of the new Magna Carta. “The State has to look for solutions that allow all Chileans to choose”Hevia argues.

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