Argentina accuses a Uruguayan company of a scheme to underinvoice exports

Argentina accuses a Uruguayan company of a scheme to underinvoice exports

The Uruguayan company Wenfordedicated to the marketing of wines, was designated by the General Directorate of Customs of Argentina to be part of a scheme to underbill furniture exports to Chili with the alleged objective of paying less taxes and not liquidating foreign currency in Argentina.

The official agency, in a statement, indicated that the firm Giuliano SA. triangulated 100% of its exports to the trans-Andean country between 2022 and 2023 through the company Wenfor SA, based in Uruguaywhich is dedicated to the marketing of wine.

The operations declared in Argentina They were for $253,265.20 and Customs suspects that they were re-invoiced with a 70% increase through the intermediary. “Based on analysis and cross-information tasks, the specialized agents of the General Directorate of Customs detected serious irregularities in the exports of the firm Giuliani SA, a company that is dedicated to the manufacture, sale and installation of office furniture” , he detailed.

The Argentine firm was denounced for underinvoicing its exports by 70% and simulating triangulation, in which price re-invoicing was allegedly carried out without declaring the real values ​​in Argentina, pay less taxes and not liquidate foreign currency in the country. During the investigation, Customs detected that 86% of the exports of the company based in Mendoza had their final destination Chili.

The data that caught the attention of the organization’s staff was that between 2020 and 2021 sales were direct to the trans-Andean country, while in 2022 and 2023 the firm triangulated 100% of the operations with the final destination of Chile through Wenfor, a company based in Uruguay dedicated to the marketing of wine with its main office in the city of Mendoza.

Based on the complaint filed by Customs, Wenfor would have acted as a front to re-invoice the operations with a 70% increase to Chile, thus avoiding the entry of $186,381.85 to Argentina, where the furniture was produced.

The customs agents also carried out an analysis on Wenfor SA with the objective of determining if there was any type of commercial contribution or added value to the merchandise that justifies the price increase. During the investigation they found that the firm is dedicated to the marketing of wines and has offices in Uruguay, Chili and Argentina.

The agency denounced Giuliani SA for the illegal operation framed in article 863 of the Customs Code, the judicial presentation falls on 27 boarding permits made official between January 2022 and May 2023.

The fine sought by Customs should not be less than 2,127,891.72 dollars as stipulated in article 876, paragraph c) of the Customs Code, the official agency detailed.

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