United Kingdom plans to send astronauts to space

United Kingdom plans to send astronauts to space
October 25, 2023 – 11:46

The astronauts “would spend up to two weeks in orbit to research, test new technologies and participate in education and awareness activities.”


The authorities of the United Kingdom announced that they plan to send astronauts to space with the help of a private American business company, which would be “a historic mission”The British space agency reported this Wednesday.

In this future flight, the British astronauts “would be in orbit for up to two weeks to carry out scientific research, try new technologies and participate in education and awareness activities“, anticipated the British space agency (UKSA, for its acronym in English) in a statement.

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United Kingdom.


For its implementation, the British government reached an agreement in principle with American society, Axiom Spacebased on Houston Texas)reported the AFP news agency.

In this regard, the minister of Science, Research and Innovation, George Freemancelebrated “the prospect of a british historical mission” in space, although no details have yet been provided about the number of astronauts who would participate in this mission, nor their destination (the International Space Station or a multi-day flight around the Land).

According to the BBC, this project would cost at least 200 million pounds (about US$244 million), but it would be privately financed.



No British astronaut took part in a flight to International Space Station (ISS) from Tim Peake in 2015who in dialogue with the BBC assured that “many things are moving in the space sector at the moment and I think that It’s fantastic that the UK is at the forefront of this new era of exploring business opportunities.” from space.

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Axiom Space currently working on the development of a space station project who would take over the ISSthat POT aims to withdraw by 2030. Instead, the US agency plans to send its astronauts into space in private stationswhich would also welcome their own clients, to encourage the programs of several companies, such as Axiomor the project starlabin which the French participate Airbus and the American Voyager Space.

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