Foreign Ministry once again condemned the attacks in Israel and the taking of hostages

Foreign Ministry once again condemned the attacks in Israel and the taking of hostages
October 26, 2023 – 11:17

The Foreign Ministry issued a statement after it was confirmed that the government is “speaking directly” with Israeli negotiators.

The government of Uruguay once again condemned “the attacks against the life and integrity of civilians”, as well as “the taking of hostages” by the organization considered terrorist Hamas in the middle of the war with Israel that has been going on for almost three weeks.

He Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a new official statement in relation to the war between Israel and Hamas, against the attacks carried out by the group that controls the Gaza Strip. On this occasion, the message occurs after the government recognized the young Israeli Shany Goren Horovitzgranddaughter of Uruguayans and kidnapped by Hamas on October 7, as a compatriot, in order to intercede for her release.

“Uruguay condemns the attacks on the life and integrity of civilians and the taking of hostages, and reaffirms the inviolability of civilian infrastructure and humanitarian personnel,” states the statement issued by the Chancellery.

Likewise, it emphasizes that the country also “rejects all forms of violence, threat or use of force in direct violation of the norms of the International Law of human rights and of International human right“, and highlights “again the value of United Nations in the search for international peace and security”.

Foreign Ministry speaks directly with negotiators

President Luis Lacalle Pou confirmed that the Chancellery “talk directly” to negotiators Israel for the hostages taken by the terrorist organization Hamas, among which appears a young woman who is the granddaughter of Uruguayans, In the midst of the war taking place in Middle East.

The president stated this at a press conference and warned that “it is a sensitive situation and I believe that if we talk too much it can become frustrated or complex in some way.”

Along these lines, he pointed out: “What we did do is talk to the Israeli Embassy to say that we had been contacted about the hostage issue and we did not want to obstruct any type of work, strategy or tactics of the State of Israel”. Given this communication, from the country in war It was said that “it was well regarded” and that is why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs managed to start the dialogues.

In parallel, the government asked the Red Cross to also intercede in the negotiations for the release of the young granddaughter of Uruguayans. “As far as we know, Goren is currently being held hostage in Loop. “This diplomatic mission wishes to express its utmost concern about his situation and request – through the efforts of his Ministry – his immediate release,” the Foreign Ministry established in its latest statement on the situation.

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