The little ones are doing really well here: Award for Steyrer Krabbelstube Elephant

The little ones are doing really well here: Award for Steyrer Krabbelstube Elephant
LH deputy Christine Haberlander (l.) at the ceremony with Drehscheibe-Kind managing director Barbara Schamberger, Michaela Frech (board member), Drehscheibe employees and Elke Heinzlreiter from the Steyr municipality
Image: State of Upper Austria

The Drehscheibe Kind association can’t stop celebrating this year. The initiative, which was launched 30 years ago in Steyr by Ingeborg Niedler, Renate Höher, Elisabeth Seiferth, Ulla Christian and Elfriede Salat, and which has been looking after children aged one and over in the “Elefant” crèche in Steyr since 1995, was not the only one celebrating in the summer round anniversary, but also 25 years of the “Struwelpeter” crèche in Steinbach/Steyr and 20 years of the Greiner crèche in Kremsmünster. Now all three of the hub’s playrooms have been honored by the state of Upper Austria as part of the “Healthy Kindergarten, Healthy Playhouse” campaign.

Three years of preparation

“This certificate has a special meaning for us,” says Barbara Schamberger, managing director and educational director of the hub, “it is an important sign that children are in good hands here and are growing up healthy.”

The path to this award took three years, during which all requirements were met and checked. “It’s about three areas that have to be guaranteed in everyday life,” says Schamberger: “Daily exercise, proper nutrition and the children’s well-being.” The area of ​​psychosocial health is particularly important for the youngest children. “It’s about building the appropriate trust and taking time, including for the parents.” Daily exercise is also very important for small children to grow up healthily: “We go outdoors with the children in all weathers.”

The vegetable and fruit snacks in the Drehscheibe-Krabbelstuben are prepared in-house, lunch in Steyr comes from the equally award-winning healthy kitchen in the Münichholz old people’s home, in Steinbach from the Grünburg old people’s home and in Kremsmünster from BioMenu Schauflinger. “The fact that companies like Greiner and, since 2014, BMW trust in us shows that the quality of the hub is right,” says Michaela Frech, who has been an active board member for more than 25 years.

The “Healthy Playhouse” pilot project was started by the state four years ago. The BAfEP Steyr crèches in Adlwang, Ternberg, Waldneukirchen, Steyrling, Caritas Kremsmünster, Micheldorf, Molln, Pettenbach, Roßleithen, Wartberg and Windischgarsten now also carry the certificate.

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