Five things to do in the garden now

Five things to do in the garden now
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In the garden:

  • Loosen perennial beds, dig up plants that have become too large and divide the rhizomes.
  • Loosen the beds in the vegetable garden, but do not dig them up, and cover them with chopped leaves.
  • Planting flower bulbs.
  • Woody plants lose their leaves, so the planting time for all bare-rooted trees now begins. Ideal for (inexpensive) creation of hedges or larger rose gardens.
  • Paint the tree trunks in the orchard to prevent frost damage.

On the balcony and terrace:

  • Many robust potted plants are still left outside. Oleander, olive, hemp palm and laurel can easily withstand light frosts; they do better outdoors than indoors.
  • Since autumn brings little rainfall, be sure to water all evergreens in the pot (but also in the garden) well and thoroughly.

In the room: Light is now required. The days are getting shorter and shorter, so it is important to give the plants the brightest places possible. Even south-facing windows are now open to plants again.

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