Marset’s brother-in-law surrendered to justice and was convicted of self-evasion

Marset’s brother-in-law surrendered to justice and was convicted of self-evasion
October 26, 2023 – 7:50 p.m.

Sebastián Alberti Rossi had been wanted since 2021, he was made available today at the San José Police Headquarters.

Sebastian Alberti Rossibrother-in-law of the drug trafficker Sebastian Marsetturned himself in today after two years on the run, as the Minister of the Interior had anticipated earlier, Luis Alberto Heberwhile he was later sentenced to eight months in effective prison, within the framework of an abbreviated process for the crime of self-evasion.

Alberti Rossi thus placed himself at the disposal of the justice of Uruguay, upon surrender at the Police Headquarters Saint Joseph. The 28-year-old criminal was wanted for homicide and had a red alert from Interpol after having escaped from the low-security prison in San José.

Minister Heber confirmed the delivery to Radio Sarandí earlier. The offender, who will be confined in the Freedom Penalhad been wanted since the end of July in the framework of the operation that aims to arrest Marset, leader of the First Uruguayan Cartel (PCU)after his escape from Bolivia.

It is worth remembering that Alberti Rossi’s father, a 61-year-old man – also the father of the Uruguayan drug trafficker’s wife – was arrested in August on a farm in Junction Olmos, Canelones. At the scene they seized a shotgun without papers, ammunition and electronic devices, which were examined by the Pando 1st Shift Prosecutor’s Office.

Statements by officials regarding the Marset case began

Last Tuesday, the officials related to the delivery of the Uruguayan passport to Sebastian Marset, while the hierarchs of Chancellery and of Ministry of Interior They must declare next week.

On October 24, the prosecutor Alejandro Machado began the round of statements from all those investigated within the framework of the investigation, among whom are other people who are not public, as reported by the Director of Communication of the Prosecutor’s Office, Javier Benech.

Meanwhile, next week the former vice chancellor Carolina AcheThe chancellor Francisco Bustillothe vice minister of the Interior, Guillermo Macieland the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heberthey must also appear as investigated before the prosecutor for Economic and Complex Crimes, Alejandro Machado.

Next Monday, the first to declare will be the vice minister of the Interior, Macielfollowed by the minister himself Heber on Tuesday, October 31. While on Wednesday, November 1, it will be the turn of the former vice chancellor acheand on Friday, November 3, the chancellor will do so Bustillo. All officials will testify at 11:00 a.m. on their respective days.

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