Birth in the kitchen: “The father had already prepared everything”

Birth in the kitchen: “The father had already prepared everything”
The Red Cross team surprised the family of four with a bouquet of flowers and warmly congratulated them.
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Giving birth in the kitchen is not an everyday occurrence. For the Breinbauer family from Engerwitzdorf, this scenario surprisingly became reality, because their daughter Mira decided to be born in the comfort of their own home on October 12th. Also there: the rescue team from the Gallneukirchen Red Cross and the NEF 3 emergency doctor team from Linz.

The rescue team from Gallneukirchen was called into action at 5:05 a.m. that day – keyword birth. 5.15 a.m.: The three paramedics arrive at the Breinbauer family’s house in Engerwitzdorf. The father-to-be is already waiting for her with the words: “This is no longer possible. Come in quickly.” And he was absolutely right. “Everything was already prepared in the kitchen. The towels were spread out and the mother was ready for the birth,” reports Daniela, one of the paramedics.

“Ms. Breinbauer was great.” The birth went without complications. Just 15 minutes later little Mira was born. “She screamed right away,” say Lena and Markus from the Red Cross happily. Together with the emergency doctor team NEF 3, who had also been notified, mother and daughter were well cared for and made ready for transport to the hospital.

Big, little happiness

Everyone was overjoyed – the parents, the grandmother who was present and the proud two-year-old brother Florian. Not to mention the rescue teams. “Experiencing a birth is something very special. Unforgettable,” everyone agrees. “We learned it in training and prepared for it on the way there, but being in the middle of the action so quickly is something completely different,” they say with a laugh.

A few days later, the Gallneukirchen Red Cross rescue team visited the family of four, warmly congratulated them and presented them with a bouquet of flowers.

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Part of the training

The birth process is part of paramedic training. A birth kit (absorbent pads, umbilical clamps, sterile gloves, sterile scissors, templates, etc.) is kept in every ambulance. In prehospital births, the infant is usually immediately removed, dried, wrapped and given to the mother. In any case, mother and child are then taken to the hospital for follow-up care. The documentation records the place and time of birth.

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