“They got away scot-free” – Lewis Hamilton feels treated unfairly

“They got away scot-free” – Lewis Hamilton feels treated unfairly
Lewis Hamilton
Image: APA/Chandan Khanna

“I heard from several sources that there were many other cars that were not compliant with the rules and that were not tested, so they got away scot-free,” said the British Mercedes driver before the Mexican Grand Prix.

Last Sunday, second-placed Hamilton was subsequently penalized in Austin/Texas for a non-compliant underbody. Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, who finished sixth, was also removed from the results list due to an irregular floor plate.

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“I’ve been racing here for 16 years and there have been many other scenarios like this where some people got away scot-free, others were unlucky and got checked,” said 38-year-old Hamilton: “There needs to be a better structure to ensure “That it remains fair in all areas.”

Different controls

Not all cars are checked with the same intensity. However, race winner Max Verstappen from Red Bull and Lando Norris from McLaren, who moved up to second position, were cleared of any wrongdoing.

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Mercedes itself admitted the violation of the rules on Hamilton’s car. The team cited the effects of the very bumpy track on the underbody as well as the lack of time to readjust and check the racing car after the sprint on Saturday.

“It was devastating because it was a great day and a great race,” said Hamilton, who was just 2.2 seconds shy of his first win of the season. The superstar said he didn’t have any advantage from the illegal floor plate: “I was disappointed, but there are a lot of positive things I can take from it.”

This is where the athletes put their foot down this weekend:

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