Robert Silva and Gabriel Gurméndez left the government to dedicate themselves to their campaigns

Robert Silva and Gabriel Gurméndez left the government to dedicate themselves to their campaigns

Yesterday the president of the Central Board of Directors (Codicen) of the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP), Robert Silva; and the president of Antel, Gabriel Gruméndez, to dedicate themselves to political activity, in which both will participate as pre-candidates for the Colorado Party ahead of the general elections to decide the next president of Uruguay.

Both officials communicated their decision to the president Luis Lacalle Pou yesterday and met with the president at the residence of Suarez and Reyes; Although it was already public knowledge that they had to present their resignation before today, as established by the Constitution —one year before the elections are held.

In the case of Silva, his resignation was delayed compared to what was originally announced when he accepted the pre-candidacy for the sector. Citizens, since it decided to wait for the approval of the new high school and UTU baccalaureate plan with its respective workload and curricular framework. For the position, they officially proposed Virginia Cáceres Batalla.

“We are now starting a new path, that is why we have processed the resignation, to go through the path of party politics“, expressed the now former president of Codicen at a press conference, after thanking Lacalle Pou for his support.

Regarding his management, he reviewed what was done during the pandemic and the progress of the educational transformation, in which “it deserves to continue working.” While he also referred to critics who maintain that he has used educational transformation as a political platform, he responded: “For those who say that the presidency has been a springboard, I tell them ‘wow, the springboard has been a long one.'” More than “25 years dedicated to education for them to say those things.”

Gurméndez’s resignation

For his part, Gurméndez will compete in the red internal competitions representing the List 15 (Batllistas Group)and spoke of the fulfillment of a cycle in which “we deliver a better Antel.”

In that sense, he referred to the leadership and growth in mobile, data and internet and telephony and a drop in prices, as well as the fact that in the last two years, the state telecommunications company obtained the best economic and financial results of its history.

The now former president of Antel also highlighted the advances in connectivity, internet access and extension of fiber optics in the interior, which achieved, among other things, that all educational centers in the country have a broadband connection. In this long list of achievements, he did not forget the most recent: the investment in 5G technology and the deployment of the first network in Uruguay.

“I think we have fulfilled the initial mandate which was to put the public company Before people service“, said Gurméndez, and added that “it is a stage that ends and, personally, it is the beginning of a new path” that he faces with enthusiasm and a lot of enthusiasm, as he acknowledged.

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