Mujica called to take care of the internal market due to the exchange difference with Argentina

Mujica called to take care of the internal market due to the exchange difference with Argentina

The ex-president Jose Mujica called for “taking care of the internal market,” referring to the effects it has on Uruguay the exchange difference with Argentina, after a meeting with the president of that country, Alberto Fernandez.

During a meeting at the former president’s house in Rincón del Cerro, Montevideo, They also discussed the reality of Mercosur and the Argentine head of state said he agreed with the referent of the Wide Front regarding “the need and importance of regional integration.”

When issued on the price gap, Mujica He called to “take care of the internal market” and focused on coastal workers. “The few industries that work for the domestic market are feeling that, and especially the coast,” he said.

When evaluating the problem and asking the government for measures such as zero kilos on the border, he ironically: “If I were president we were going to have problems traveling to Argentina. We’re even going to get a haircut Argentina, We’re going to be devastated if we continue like this.”

The integration of Mercosur

Besides, Fernandez commented that in the meeting, in which the former senator also participated Lucia Topolansky, They discussed the future of Mercosur. “For us it has significant value and that is why I think it is worth listening to Pepe on that point, who really worked for many years and continues to work,” he said.

Regarding this vision, the Argentine president said that the former president preaches “the need and importance of regional integration” and noted: “You have to listen to him and, many of the things he says that have to be done, they have to be done definitively. Yes I can help, I am always here to help.”

What did they say about the runoff in Argentina?

When asked at a press conference about the result of the runoff that will be held in November between Sergio Massa and Javier Milei, Fernández preferred not to give an opinion “so that everything happens democratically and so that everyone does what they understand they should do.”

Instead, Mujica, who already expressed himself in favor of Massa in that discussion and questioned Milei, He admitted that the election “is going to be there, half fought” and clarified that in Unión por la Patria “they have a chance of winning.”

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