Orsi will leave the Mayor’s office after the summer to dedicate himself to the campaign

Orsi will leave the Mayor’s office after the summer to dedicate himself to the campaign

The mayor of Cannelloni, Yamandú Orsi, continues to adjust the date of his resignation from the departmental government to dedicate himself to the campaign for the candidacy for the presidency of Uruguay for him Broad Front. In that sense, he noted that he plans to step aside “after the summer.”

“I think we have to do it (resign), but I imagine it will have to be done after the summer,” said the still mayor of Canelones this Friday at a press conference, after the Space 609 will launch a national tour in support of him. The spaces Popular Participation Movement (MPP) —from the former president Jose Mujica- and The Artistic Sidealong with other Frente Amplista groups, also support him internally.

About the tour, which had its first act in Montevideo but that it will continue through the interior of the country, Orsi pointed out that it goes “with the wide open ears”: “People have things to say and you have to be there. Because it is one thing to send an email, some lines of action and another thing is be with people“said the leader.

Regarding a possible scenario in which he comes second in the internal elections against one of the other pre-candidates for the Wide Front —the polls place them among the first positions along with the mayor of the capital, Carolina Cosse—, the mayor of Canelones assured that “he would accept the place of vice president”.

And, finally, he referred to the Argentine elections, which will have a runoff on November 19 between the official candidate and the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and the libertarian representative Javier Milei. “You have to pay close attention to the things that happen and the things we don’t like to happen“, he noted in this regard.

Orsi’s opinion on the United States and China

Orsi traveled to Washington last week, invited to participate in a closed meeting at the Inter-American Dialogue. There he explained his vision about the situation of Uruguay, as well as the prospects for the future government and what foreign relations its eventual management would have. According to him he told the media Infobae, the majority message is that Uruguay want to have more investments of the North American country.

For Orsi, although Uruguay and USA They have historically had good relations, “not many things have happened in terms of investments.” “A country like USA, with many resources, is looking to other parts of the world and even when it looks to Latin America, look for him Caribbean. The first thing we propose is the need to clarify what the opportunities are from the economic and investment point of view of an economy like the North American one that has closed in a world of much competitiveness”, Orsi told Infobae.

The mayor of Canelones understands that the world has “entered a kind of commercial cold war between two powers” ​​and that Uruguay, Due to the “particularity of having two giants as neighbors” it has to look for alternatives to grow. In this scenario, and with the negotiations with Europe locked—within the framework of Mercosur-European Union agreement—, North American power continues to be a great opportunity for international trade, but also for local development.

However, he clarified that China would still be a important economic ally from the country: “Uruguay He doesn’t have much chance other than to continue selling his raw material, remain strongly linked to Brazil and to China. The possibility that USA look a little more towards him Silver river For us it can be another way because in a world like today’s if you lock yourself into one or two options you can get trapped,” he explained in this regard.

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