Israel expands ground operation in Gaza after attacking 450 Hamas positions

Israel expands ground operation in Gaza after attacking 450 Hamas positions

The israeli forces are expanding ground operations in Loop while their fighters have attacked hundreds of targets more than Hamas, the Israeli Army reported on Sunday, in what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has described as second phase of a war that has already lasted three weeks.

Telephone and internet communications were partially restored in Gaza on Sunday after a more than day-long outage that had severely affected rescue operations while Israel bombed targets of the Hamas militant group, which controls the territory.

“Israel isolated us from the world to annihilate usbut we heard the sound of the explosions and we are proud that the resistance fighters stopped them meters away,” said Shaban Ahmed, a public official who remained in Gaza City despite the Israeli warning to evacuate the south.

Ahmed said he did not find out until Sunday that his cousin had been killed in an airstrike on Friday due to a communications blackout.

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The attack on Hamas targets

fighter jets Israel Defense Forces (IDF) They attacked more than 450 military targets belonging to Hamas in the Gaza Strip, including operational command centers, observation posts and anti-tank missile launch sites, the Army reported.

“We are gradually expanding the ground activity and reach of our forces in the Gaza Strip,” military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said at a briefing. “We will do everything we can from the air, sea and land to ensure the safety of our forces and achieve the objectives of the war.”

Before the shortage of food, water and medicine, Thousands of Gazans stormed warehouses and distribution centers of the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) to obtain flour and “basic survival items,” the organization reported on Sunday.

Israel will allow a drastic increase in aid to Gaza in the coming days and Palestinian civilians will have to go to a “humanitarian zone” in the south of the small territory, declared Colonel Elad Goren, of Cogat, the Israeli Defense Ministry agency that coordinates with the Palestinians.

Western countries have generally supported what they see as Israel’s right to self-defense. However, international outrage has grown over the number of victims of the bombings and calls for a “humanitarian pause” to allow aid to reach Gaza’s civilian population and alleviate the humanitarian crisis.

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